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Does the Faith Of Your Childhood Still Tug at Your Heart?

If you were brought up Catholic but left it for some reason, we would like you to know that you are still loved, and missed, by your Catholic brethren. Perhaps you left because of a bad experience you had with a Church leader or parishioner. If this is so, we apologize and hope that you forgive us. Perhaps you left over a divorce and remarraige situation. If this is so, there is a real possibility that you could go through the annulment process and rejoin the Catholic flock. Or perhaps you disagree with some of the Church's teachings. If this is so, we'd like to provide you some reading material on some of these issues to clarify what the Church teaches and why by e-mailing us at Please explain what the issue is so we can respond with the right information.

In any case, we love you and hope you find the following links helpful.

Resources for Former Catholics:

Have You Strayed and Found Yourself in Prison?

Here are some poems of comfort written by our Prison Ministry Board Member, Tim Guile, to let you know that God is waiting on you, patiently, to come back to him.

Lift away the thorn, O Lord

O Lord, I am not
an instrument of your love.
I am, today,
the nail in your hand,
a thorn above your brow,
a spear in your side.
I cut you dying in the flesh,
and feel not your
life-giving spirit.
Yet you love me
who I hate.
Please, lift away
the thorn, take out,
O Lord, the nail,
the spear, and give
back to me this day
my life.

--Tim Guile, Okinawa, Japan

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